Sunday, May 22, 2011

PPP rules Punjab at night : Babar Awan

Senator Babar Awan has said that "PPP rules Punjab at night, and no one can even think of traveling during night time without giving party fund to PPP Jialas. The Jialas only have to show a modern version of  PPP's electoral symbol (Arrow), and the people willingly give everything to PPP's party fund."

He further said "This clearly shows that PPP enjoys a lot of public support throughout Punjab and Bhuttoism is the ideology and faith of Punjabis. You won't find a single Punjabi who doesn't give party fund to PPP, i.e. at night."

He quoted personal experience and said that "Once I went to my village in Murree during night time, and collected a lot of party fund. I just showed PPP's make shift electoral symbol - Kalashnikov, and I was amazed to see the results."

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