Saturday, May 21, 2011

Darren Sammy is the most lethal emerging bowler of all time

West Indian Captain Darren Sammy is not widely recognized as people's Most Lethal Emerging Bowlers Of The 21st Century shortlist, but he now has more five-wicket innings notched into his bedpost than Andrew Flintoff, Colin Croft, Lasith Malinga or Stuart Broad. He has played just 12 Test matches, in which he has taken more wickets than the legendary Picasso Of Pace, Malcolm Marshall, did in the equivalent period of his career. In fact, Sammy has taken as many five-wicket hauls in his first 12 Tests as Holding, Garner, Marshall, Ambrose and Walsh managed between them in their first 12 Tests. The logical conclusion to all this is that Darren Sammy is the "Most Lethal Emerging Bowler for West Indies".

Watch out Murali, your record for 800 test wickets is in danger.

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