Saturday, July 19, 2014

Biased Election Tribunal?

Hamid Khan, the Eminent Lawyer, complained that the election tribunals were being unfair to the PTI’s Candidates who, according to "Themselves", were the winners in Last Year’s Elections.

As an example, he quoted a PTI's Candidate Usman Dar from NA-110 Sialkot (One of the constituencies from Imran Khan's Famous Four) lost to PML-N's Khawaja Asif. Mr Hamid Khan stated that since Mr Dar was travelling abroad on business and could not attend three hearings of the election tribunal, his case was decided against him. I ask you!

If Mr Dar considers his Business Dealings abroad more important than pursuing his Case before the Election Tribunal, whose fault is it? Surely he should then pursue his Business Dealings instead of hankering after a Seat in the National Assembly, the hearings of which he has not attended on the three postponements allowed him.

At the same time, Mr Hamid Khan says the PTI has no faith in the Election Tribunals. Who then will carry out the audit of All the National Assembly Seats that Mr Imran Khan is demanding now? PTI's Election Commissioner (during Intra Party Elections) Mr Hamid Khan?