Sunday, December 4, 2011

Muslim Killer Modi & Imran Khan met cheerfully

"I have always been impressed with Indian Hospitality and Love", Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, said in his speech during the proceedings of India Today Conclave 2003, at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. In the event, Imran Khan also had a cheerful meeting with Chief Minister Gujarat Narendra Singh Modi, the master mind of Gujarat Muslims Massacre 2002.

Later on, in his biography Imran Versus Imran, Imran Khan acknowledged that "He (Narendra Modi) shook my (Imran Khan's) hands warmly".

However, Imran fears on being seen and photographed with Narendara Modi, so he tries to make an excuse by saying that he was "nauseated" when he was suddenly asked to shake hands with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at a Public Event in 2006. But in his effort to make an excuse, he even forgot the year of the event and also doesn't look no where near nauseated in the photograph, in fact he looks very cheerful.

Interestingly, both these guys are eyeing Premiership in their respective countries, and there are bright chances that their friendship will turn into a working relationship.

Imran Khan, how will you answer the Arwah (Spirits) of more than two-thousand (2000) Muslims, massacred by Bloody Modi?

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  1. Don't worry, Imran Khan most probably would have forgotten by know that he ever met Modi. As he always forgets after making a foolish statement and in a short time says contrary to that.