Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two-Faced Khan favors Indian stance on Kashmir

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and The Proponent of Change Imran Khan, refused to change a single label related to Kashmir in his book "Pakistan: A Personal History" for Financial Interests; despite being against the National Policy.

The Two-Faced Leader recalled the publication of his book "Pakistan: A Personal History" in view of "Incorrect labeling of Kashmir on the Map" only in Pakistan, i.e. for political face saving in the country. However, he continued to present the Pro-Indian Kashmir Map else where.

According to The Hindu,  The Publishers of Imran Khan's book "Pakistan: A Personal History", Transworld Publishers — a Random House Group Company — made this announcement in last September.

In the Official Announcement made by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Transworld Publishers said the book was being recalled pending correction of the mistake.

However, what is evident from the fact that, Imran Khan only recalled the copies of his book in Pakistan, i.e. probably for Political Face Saving in the country. However, he continued to sell the same book with the Pro-Indian Kashmir Map else where, off course for Financial Interests.

Moreover, during his political career, Imran Khan has never out rightly supported "The Right of Self Determination for the Kashmiris", i.e. atleast in front of Foreign Audience. His stance is in total contrast with the Official Pakistani Stance regarding Kashmir, and the popular demand by the Kashmiri People.

While addressing the PTI's Massive Gathering at Minto Park Lahore on 30th October, Imran Khan didn't said a single word about the Right of Self Determination for the Kashmiris.

And later on, during his infamous interview with Karan Thapar of the CNN-IBN’s Indian Channel, the PTI Chairman acknowledged that, in the Minto Park Gathering, he deliberately kept himself away from calling for the Liberation of Kashmir from Indian or declaraing Kashmir as Indian Occupied. Moreover, Imran declared in explicit terms that he would go along with President Zardari’s point of view on the Kashmir Dispute with India and "Leave it to the Next Generation to settle". Right now, the two neighbors, he thought, needed to develop trade relations and put in place confidence building measures to raise the so called "Level of Mutual Trust".

Imran Khan also believed that any Terror Incident happening in India, whether through a Militant Group in the disputed state or elsewhere, would undo the positive effects of the CBMs and the Commercial Ties.

Strange, rather confused logic, for putting on the Back-burner a dispute which should be the first issue to be put out of the way for real and lasting trust to take root. But this is what India is demanding and Imran Khan obliged.

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  1. emotionally disturbed section of Kashmir society sees enemy in everbody whosoever spaeaks Truth . Imran Khan the hero of yesteryears seems to be the new entry to this list

  2. Mr Indian, for setting the record straight, I would like to recall that the First Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru promised to give Kashmiris the Right of Self Determination. :)

    So, you can't say that Imran Khan is speaking the truth.

    And secondly, had Imran Khan been speaking the truth, then the power of truth would have allowed him to Favor the Indian Stance on Kashmir on all forums.

    But as Imran Khan is only using it for his Financial Benefits. Therefore, he is only aligning his stance with India, outside Pakistan. :D

    So, it's the Power of Money, not the Power of Truth behind his Pro-India Stance. :D