Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zardari is going to resign : The Cable

According to The Cable, when US President Barack Hussain Obama spoke with Zardari recently regarding NATO’s attack on Pakistani Outpost, Zardari was "Incoherent", as he is "feeling increased pressure over the Memogate Scandal". Looks like "the noose was getting tighter — it was only a matter of time," and there is growing expectation inside the US Government that Zardari may be stepping down.

Parts of the US Government were told that Zardari had a "Minor Heart Attack" and flew to Dubai via Air Ambulance. Now, he has Angioplasty and may also resign on account of "Ill Health".

President Zardari left for Dubai to undergo some Medical Tests. He was accompanied by his physicians and personal staff.

According to the Dr Asim Hussian, Former Personal Physician of President Zardari, he has been kept in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), so he may rest.

It is reported that before Zardari left Pakistan, the Army insisted that Zardari be examined by their Military Physicians, and that the Army Doctors determined that Zardari was fine and did not need to leave the country for medical reasons.

But Zardari has left Pakistan for an indefinite period.

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