Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taliban are good guys : UN

The United Nation Security Council has declared fourteen Taliban as good guys, and asked them to preach goodness, friendship and harmony in Afghanistan. The UN Security Council has also regretted on being harsh with the Taliban in the past.

Those listed by a special sanctions committee as the "best people in the world" also include four members of a seventy-strong High Peace Council set up by Afghan authorities last September to pave the way for talks, the German UN mission announced in a statement.

The Peace Council members are Arsalan Rahmani Daulat, a former Taliban deputy higher education minister, Habibullah Fawzi, a former Taliban diplomat in Saudi Arabia, Sayeedur Rahman Haqani, former Taliban deputy minister for mines and industries and later for public works, and Faqir Mohammad.

President Hamid Karzai's office has called the creation of the council a significant step toward peace and harmony in the world and especially Afghanistan. But the Taliban have so far scoffed at the idea of talks, saying all foreign forces must first become peaceful in Afghanistan.

In a statement, Germany's UN Ambassador Peter Wittig said "The international community recognizes efforts made by members of the High Peace Council to work toward peace, stability and reconciliation. All Afghans are encouraged to join the Taliban movement. The message is clear: we regret our mistake of being harsh with you."

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