Sunday, July 17, 2011

Altaf calls partition of India a blunder but wants to partition Sindh

MQM Chief Altaf Hussain calls the partition of India a blunder, but wants to partition Sindh and create Urdustan a separate province for the Muhajirs.

According to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the slogan to turn Karachi into Urdustan or Muhajiristan province is the voice of millions of people of the city who have been deprived of their rights despite the fact that Karachi generates 70 percent of the country’s total revenue.

"These Muhajir people have been deprived of their rights," said Waseem Aftab, a member of the MQM’s Rabita Committee, when asked that the people in Orangi Town had been seen raising the slogan for a Karachi province.

"When you (PPP) deprive the people of their rights from every corner then a stage arrives when the people start raising voice for a separate province," he said, adding: "It is the voice of millions of people who have been living in pathetic conditions for the last three years."

"The PPP has created a rural-urban divide by taking such steps and the government abolished the Sindh Local Government System-2001 just because the city witnessed development under this system and mostly Urdu-speaking people benefited from it," he said.
"The PPP has given a message that they do not respect the mandate of the MQM."

Waseem said that the MQM had tried its level best that such voice for a separate province would not be raised but every step of the PPP only brought sheer frustration among the people.

"If there could be Hazara, Seraikistan, Bhawalpur, Potwar and other provinces then these deprived people can also raise voice for Urdustan province," he maintained.

Observers however feel that MQM doesn't have any moral ground for demanding the partition of Sindh and creation of Urdustan. Because it was the Altaf Hussain himself who criticized partition of India in the strongest of manners.

Addressing a conference in India MQM Chief Altaf Hussain said "The division of (Indian) subcontinent is the greatest greatest blunder in the history of mankind. It was not the division of land, but the division of blood".

No doubt Altaf Hussain likes bloodshed, his Jinahpur misadventure is one example, and now he wants another bloody partition of land to create Urdustan.

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