Saturday, October 26, 2013

Du Plessis is 'Fine'

After all the Ball-Tampering Fiasco during Dubai Test between Pakistan and South Africa, the ICC Match Referee David Boon asked South Africa Batsman Faf du Plessis who has already pleaded guilty of Ball-Tampering.

David: How are you Faf?

Faf: I am 'Fine'.

David: Okay, then you stay 'Fined'.

And everyone lived happily again.

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Zimbabwe - World's Top Ranked Cricket Side

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zimbabwe - World's Top Ranked Cricket Side

Zimbabwe has become World's Top Ranked Cricket Side as South Africa leveled Test Series with Pakistan.

Some great mathmatician of modern times are of the view that the theory of equality has granted Zimbawe World's Top Ranking in Test Cricket as South Africa leveled Test Series with Pakistan, who leveled a Test Series with Zimbawe last month.

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Imranullah Imran - Taliban's new Spokesman

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban appointed Imranullah Imran as their new Spokesman. He will succeed Shahidullah Shaid who earlier succeeded Ehsanullah Ehsan as TTP Spokesman.

Commenting on the complexity of the situation, the TTP Spokesman, Imranullah Imran argued that if the US could open offices for the Afghan Taliban in Qatar, why should Pakistan not do the same.

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