Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chand takes India over the Moon

India's Under-19 Captain Unmukt Chand led his side to Under-19 World Cup Glory with an unbeaten century as he pulled off the highest successful chase at this venue to beat Defending Champions Australia in the Final.

Chand's innings was the defining performance of the World Cup and he chose the perfect moment to produce it, outshining his worthy counterpart William Bosisto, whose 87 had dragged Australia from 38 for 4 towards a competitive score.

Chand, who was ably supported by Baba Aparajith and Smit Patel, secured India's third Under-19 World Title, after Triumphs in 2000 and 2008.

At last, Akram beats Akhtar in Cricket

At last, Former Pakistan Paceman Muhammad Akram has beaten fellow Former Pakistan Paceman Shoaib Akhtar in a Cricket Rivalry, as Muhamamd Akram has been named Pakistan's Bowling Coach for a probationary period of one year. He will join the squad in the United Arab Emirates for the Series against Australia, announced PCB.

Pakistan Cricket Board set up a Three-man Committee to find a suitable candidate and the committee has nominated Muhammad Akram as Pakistan's Bowling Coach.

"After a lengthy deliberation we have decided to appoint Mohammad Akram as Pakistan Bowling Coach," Intikhab Alam said. "Stuart Barnes of England was also shortlisted but unfortunately Barnes was not available immediately and we found Akram more suitable for the role."

Earlier, Shoaib Akhtar threw his hat into the ring to become Pakistan’s Bowling Coach and said "I am ready to be the bowling coach for Pakistan. If the PCB contacts me then I will offer my services".

Pakistan was without a bowling coach since the former fast bowler Aaqib Javed resigned to be UAE's Head Coach after the Series against England last year.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kamra Base Attackers were wearing Stealth Coats : PAF

Kamra Base Attackers were not visible to Human Eye as they were wearing Stealth Coats, claimed a preliminary Investigation Report on the 16th August attack on Pakistan Air Force’s Kamra Air Base. Moreover, the Attackers only had Satellite Guidance and "No Insider Help".

According to the Report compiled by five-member Inquiry Committee, headed by Air Marshall Akhtar Hussain Bukhari, the Weapons used by the Attackers were of Russian Origin and they used five (5) Hand Grenades and fire three (3) Rocket Propelled Grenades in the attack.

During inspections, investigators also collected two hundred twenty three (223) spent casings of AK-47 Rifles used by the assailants in the attack.

Air Marshal Bukhari also said, "Had the Attackers not wearing Stealth Coats our guards would have killed them like sitting ducks".

The Air Base is home to the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex that assembles Mirage and, with Chinese support, JF-17 Fighter Jets. It has previously come under attack twice, once in 2007 and then in 2009.

The information presented above is offered in Good Faith and is correct to the best of our knowledge. If any factual errors have appeared here inadvertently, then we would be pleased to hear from anyone wishing to offer corrections.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Successful Sheikh joins Revolutionary Khan

Successful Politician, Sheikh Rasheed, and Symbol of Revolution, Imran Khan, have agreed to form an Electoral Alliance and to Work Collectively.

بدلتا ہے آسمان رنگ کیسے کیسے

The agreement was reached during a meeting between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and Awami Muslim League Leader Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed at former’s Bani Gala Residence.

According to the agreement, the two parties will not field candidates against each other and will instead support each others’ candidate.

Imran Khan will announce the Electoral Alliance of PTI and AML during the Sheikh Rasheed’s public gathering, scheduled to be held in Liaquat Bagh on 13th August. And both the Leaders will hold another meeting before the Liaquat Bagh public gathering.

Imran Khan makes tall claims about being different and that is his claim to fame. But look at the faces he has collected around him. Are they different? In a few days time he will be rubbing shoulders with Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. Is Sheikh Rasheed anyone’s idea of being different?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shaukat Khanum Funds - Investor guaranteed to bear the loss : Imran Khan

Founder of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan has clarified the accusations against the Hospital and said the "Bluechip Company has  guaranteed us that they will bear the loss and we will get the profit. Our party’s (PTI's) Senior Leader will read out the Email to you".

However, Imran did not provide detail about this rather late and unusual guarantee. And what party's Senior Leader has to do with the Email?

Earlier, Khawaja Asif of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leveled allegation against Imran Khan and said that a total of $4.5 Million were invested abroad, which was "In fact the money gained from Sadqaat, Fitrana and Zakat… This was the money of the Pakistani Nation which went abroad".

"In British Virgin Islands, a Shell Company was first registered. That company transferred money into a company, HBG in Dubai, then HBG bought shares of Sugarland Company worth $3 Million. During 2009-2010, Sugarland declared losses and in the coming two years, it faced 64% losses. Here, the money of Shaukat Khanum invested by Imran Khan also faced a loss but it was not shown", Asif said while referring to the documents he had distributed.

Khawaja Asif questioned Khan that if the investment was so safe and profitable, then why did he not put in his own money rather than that of Shaukat Khanum. "This is not a Scandal of the PTI, this was a play of Shaukat Khanum’s money… Shaukat Khanum has not published its Balance Sheets, the last one available is from 2010, which we have provided to you".

Interestingly, a year ago, Imran Khan had contrasting views, as he said "The Shaukat Khanum funds are not spent on buying properties and building businesses in London, France and elsewhere in the world. They are, instead, meant for free treatment of people, thousands of whom have been cured of cancer," while he was in London to launch his book "Pakistan: A Personal History".

Questioning the matter Senior Analyst Dr Farrukh Saleem asked "If Shaukat Khanum or Imran Khan sent Pakistani money abroad without authorization from State Bank or ECC, it would be unlawful!".

Imagine Zardari opening Benazir Welfare Hospital, and the board of directors of the hospital investing the donation money through an unknown offshore company owned by one of it’s own members which results in huge losses. And imagine all this happening without any due process (Bank Guarantee). What would have happened with Zardari by now on media and internet?

When even valid questions are left unanswered and people blindly start chasing the person who puts them, it’s a sign that Tsunami is knocking at the door steps. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital may be the best thing that ever happened in the world, it doesn't mean people running it cannot be questioned?

But off course, in this Time of Revolution, there hasn’t been a better time to hold the silence.

The information presented above is offered in Good Faith and is correct to the best of our knowledge. If any factual errors have appeared here inadvertently, then we would be pleased to hear from anyone wishing to offer corrections.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Water becomes life for vehicles

Water is life and running a car with water as a fuel has always been a longed-for dream in the modern economy. A Pakistani Engineer, Agha Waqar Ahmed claims that he has succeeded in running a car with Distilled Water as a Fuel.

Agha Waqar claims to be working on his project for the past three (3) years. His Water Kit has been running successfully for more than a year now. The Water Kit he and his coworkers have made is a small device attached in the car that separates the hydrogen from water and supplies it to the engine.

Ministry of Science and Technology has been asked to
  1. Step in and conduct a fact-finding exercise
  2. Evaluate the feasibility in question
  3. Take the responsibility either to reject the concept on Technical Grounds or accept the innovation on Economic Grounds
  4. Initiate the modality to move forward with mass production on a commercial basis.
Pakistan Science Foundation Chairman Dr Manzoor Hussain Soomro, said, "This is an extraordinary breakthrough and we should examine it carefully as the system may have national and international importance".

However, he said that thorough testing is needed to validate the invention. Many important inventions through time have been made by non-scientists and the team’s work should not be arbitrarily ruled out, he added.

Moreover, Former Higher Education Commission Head Dr Attaur Rehman rubbished Waqar’s claim that a 1,000CC vehicle will get 40 kilometres per litre of water, and said these statements could only be made in Pakistan. "In countries where scientific research is taken seriously, nobody would pretend to joke about science in this manner".

Dr Attaur Rehman said that the "Self-Proclaimed Inventor" did not have knowledge about basic processes like electrolysis.

"This is the first mistake he is making and he does not even know that you can’t even get electrolysis on distilled water," he said, "For this purpose you have to have an electrolyte [a solution that conducts electricity] which can be decomposed by electrolysis".

He explained that a powerful energy source, which could only be a battery in this case, is required to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine them through combustion to release energy. But firstly, the energy which is required to separate hydrogen and oxygen will always be greater in amount than the energy released and secondly, the external energy source will eventually die out to fail the process since the efficiency of electrolysis in hardly twenty percent (20%) to thirty percent (30%).

He added that if this were not the case than this man has invented a "Perpetual Motion Machine" which again, according to a scientific consensus, is impossible. "What this man is proposing is scientifically impossible; he is defying the first law of thermodynamics," he added.