Sunday, September 25, 2011

High Court upholds Government decision to seal Labs, including Shaukat Khanum

The Lahore High Court dismissed petitions by private Medical Laboratories and Hospitals sealed by Punjab Government for overcharging of Dengue Fever Test, including famous Shaukat Khanum Hospital Labs.

The High Court ruled that contempt of court proceedings would be initiated against the Laboratories found of non-compliance with the Punjab Government direction of charging Rs 90 for Dengue Fever Test till 15th November.

During the course of hearing, a Law Officer informed the Court that Drug Inspectors were taking action against Medical Laboratories charging more than Rs 90 for Dengue Fever Test.
Justice Muhammad Khalid Mehmood Khan was hearing a writ petition challenging sealing of Zeenat Laboratory allegedly for charging high fee for Dengue Fever Test.

However, Petitioner`s counsel Raza Kazim insisted that his client would charge Rs 90 for Dengue Test but it was not possible to charge Rs 90 for CBC Test. The counsel argued that the government`s order about Rs 90 was illegal and had no legal cohesion.

Justice Khalid Mehmood, however, said it was not a case of legality or illegality rather it was a case of morality.

Earlier, the Punjab Government had sealed off several privately owned Medical Laboratories, including two Medical Labs of the well-reputed Shaukat Khanum Hospital of Lahore for overcharging of Dengue Fever Test.

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