Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MQM confessed involvement in 12th May Killings: US Cable

Senior Leader of Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Dr Farooq Sattar has confessed that MQM workers were involved in the 12th May, 2007 Killings in Karachi, reveals WikiLeaks.

A US Diplomatic Cable sent from Karachi to Washington on 17th May 2007 contained details of a fourty minute phone conversation between Farooq Sattar and Charge d'affaires US Consulate Peter Boday. During the conversation Sattar admitted that certain members of his party were involved in the 12th May incident and the party should consider unarming its militant wing.

The details of another US Diplomatic Cable sent from Islamabad on 16th May 2007 says that the British High Commission has informed US that, on 9th May, British Diplomats attempted to convince MQM Parliamentary Leader Farooq Sattar to postpone the MQM’s 12th May Pro-Musharraf Demonstration so that it would not compete with the Chief Justice’s Rally in Karachi. Sattar refused, but assured the Diplomats that the MQM Demonstrations would not be violent. Sattar stressed at the time that violence was not in the Party’s interest. An Embassy Contact reported on 15th May that Sattar had had no foreknowledge of plans for violence. Sattar reportedly told Government Officials that the decision to go ahead with the Demonstration was "Not his Recommendation". He hinted that he was overruled by MQM’s Leader-in-Exile, Altaf Hussain.

It is worth noted that on 14th & 15th May, Sattar apologized to Journalists for Armed Attacks on Aaj Television’s Karachi Office on 12th May. Sattar has not acknowledged any responsibility for the broader breakdown in Law and Order.

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