Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nusrat Javed sacked for bravery (بلے شاہ اساں مرنا ناہی؛ گور پیا کوئ ہور)

Nusrat Javed, one of the senior most and brave journalists, and the host of Bolta Pakistan at AAJ TV has been fired from AAJ TV and his program was taken off air after 10 minutes of airing. 

Nusrat said that MQM threatened the owners or management of AAJ TV that if they want to guarantee safety of 600 employees, then Nusrat should be fired.

However, Nusrat Javed challenged Altaf Hussain by voicing famous Punjabi Poet Bulleh Shah's poetry.

"Bulleh Shah asaa'n marna naahi; gor pya koi hor!" (بلے شاہ اساں مرنا ناہی؛ گور پیا کوئ ہور)

He woes to keep fighting against MQM's barbaric acts, and won't run away to London.

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