Sunday, December 9, 2012

Indian Hospitality - Pakistan Blind Cricket Team Captain served with Acid

Pakistan Blind Cricket Team Captain, Zeeshan Abbasi fell victim of "Indian Hospitality", as he was served with Acid from a bottle which was supposed to contain water.

Captain Zeeshan Abbasi, who is leading the country in the Blind Twenty 20 Series underway in Banglore, consumed the Hazardous Liquid from a bottle on his Breakfast Table. Interestingly, the incident happened just a day after Pakistan beat India by eight (8) wickets in the series.

"The Mineral Water Bottles were given to us everyday; the Acid was in one of those bottles," said the Team Manager.

The Manager said that since the entire team is blind, they did not know that there was Acid inside the bottle instead of water.

"How can this be a mistake? How was it on the Breakfast Table?" he inquired.

Chairman Blind Cricket Council Sultan Shah was shocked by the incident and said that such a thing had never happened before.

Why the Acid was placed on his table or who put it there is under investigation, said the Chairman.

Abbasi was shifted to a hospital where he is under treatment he confirmed, adding that they had an argument with the Hotel Management over the incident.

The Hotel Management has assured the Chairman that they will check through CCTV Footage and find the reason behind the incident.

Police lifts siege of MQM London Office as Altaf Sings

London’s Metropolitan Police lifted their two-day long siege of Altaf Hussain's "Business Address", after Altaf Hussin sung his super hit song "Parday Main Rehnay Do, Parda Na Uthao" (پردے میں رہنے دو پردہ نہ اٹھاؤ), told Mustafa Azizabadi, Incharge of the Mutahida Qaumi Movement’s London Secretariat.

The Mutahida Qaumi Movement’s Spokesman in its London Secretariat, Mustafa Azizabadi said he was unaware of any search or raid operation. Asked if the Met Police had raided Altaf’s "Business Address", he said, there is no such thing or operation, they (Met Police) only visited to hear Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bahi's famous song "Parday Main Rehnay Do, Parda Na Uthao" (پردے میں رہنے دو پردہ نہ اٹھاؤ).

On the other hand, the London Metropolitan Police confirmed that a search and raid operation was carried out at the "Business Address" of Mutahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain. The Press Office of the Metropolitan Police told that the search continued for two consecutive days at the site. However, it was stressed that no arrests had been made, and no person was detained for interrogation.

Saying that Investigations into Dr Farooq’s Murder were ongoing, an Official of the Metropolitan Police told that the raid was conducted on Thursday and the police completed its search on Friday evening.

Furthermore, an eyewitness told that he saw "Armed Police" laying siege to the "Business Address" on Thursday morning as he walked to his work and saw that the two way road outside the "Business Address" has been blocked by officers from the Counter Terror Command Unit. There were three police vans parked outside. It was still dark. The police had sealed the road from both sides and the traffic was being diverted. It was standstill on both sides. I returned to the scene after two hours and saw that the armed police and their vans had moved from outside.

Earlier, Dr Farooq was stabbed to death in Green Lane on Edgware Road on 16th September 2010 – but leads in the case have been few and far between – or at least not publicized. The Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Metropolitan Police said in September that, a few months before his murder, Dr Farooq had been trying to create his own independent political "Profile".

The Police Force had hinted about the possibility that Dr Farooq might have been thinking of embarking on a new Political Career, and, therefore, it wanted to talk to everyone who were in contact with him from a political perspective.

It also noted that Dr Farooq had created a new Facebook Profile in 2010 and had established many new contacts on the social forum.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sponsorless Asif wins World Snooker Championship

Pakistan's sponsorless and coachless snooker player Muhammad Asif has won the World Snooker Championship.

Muhamamd Asif defeated Gary Wilson of Britain 10-8 in a thrilling Finale of World Snooker Championship. With this victory, Asif becames the second Pakistani to claim the title. Earlier, Mohammad Yousuf had won the championship in 1994 while Saleh Muhamamd lost to Indian Pankaj Advani of India in 2003.

The dark side of society

Every now and then we witness the dark side of our society, where cruelty seems to know no bounds with even fewer regards given to human and especially women rights.

In another such incident at Kitro, Sheikhpura, Punjab, where five teenage peasant girls — the daughters and nieces of a farmer — were gang raped by their employers, local feudals, because the family merely asked them for their wages. They were warned of "Dire Consequences", which resulted in the abduction of girls the same night, followed by the heinous act.

The fact that the peasant family had rightfully earned those wages for hard work rendered on the fields holds little value for the landlords. Such mindsets, especially prevalent in the rural areas, depict the criminality meted out to women for demanding justice for themselves.

This is not the first instance of gang rape and while its repeated occurrence shows the level of illiteracy prevalent amongst men in our society, it also highlights the need to Revamp the System, enforce deterrence though strict God-Given Shari'ah Laws and remove Procedural Loopholes where men can get away after committing such crimes against women.

So, that no one considers rape as a course of action to punish women and deterred from even thinking in this evil manner.

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