Sunday, December 2, 2012

The dark side of society

Every now and then we witness the dark side of our society, where cruelty seems to know no bounds with even fewer regards given to human and especially women rights.

In another such incident at Kitro, Sheikhpura, Punjab, where five teenage peasant girls — the daughters and nieces of a farmer — were gang raped by their employers, local feudals, because the family merely asked them for their wages. They were warned of "Dire Consequences", which resulted in the abduction of girls the same night, followed by the heinous act.

The fact that the peasant family had rightfully earned those wages for hard work rendered on the fields holds little value for the landlords. Such mindsets, especially prevalent in the rural areas, depict the criminality meted out to women for demanding justice for themselves.

This is not the first instance of gang rape and while its repeated occurrence shows the level of illiteracy prevalent amongst men in our society, it also highlights the need to Revamp the System, enforce deterrence though strict God-Given Shari'ah Laws and remove Procedural Loopholes where men can get away after committing such crimes against women.

So, that no one considers rape as a course of action to punish women and deterred from even thinking in this evil manner.

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