Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Water becomes life for vehicles

Water is life and running a car with water as a fuel has always been a longed-for dream in the modern economy. A Pakistani Engineer, Agha Waqar Ahmed claims that he has succeeded in running a car with Distilled Water as a Fuel.

Agha Waqar claims to be working on his project for the past three (3) years. His Water Kit has been running successfully for more than a year now. The Water Kit he and his coworkers have made is a small device attached in the car that separates the hydrogen from water and supplies it to the engine.

Ministry of Science and Technology has been asked to
  1. Step in and conduct a fact-finding exercise
  2. Evaluate the feasibility in question
  3. Take the responsibility either to reject the concept on Technical Grounds or accept the innovation on Economic Grounds
  4. Initiate the modality to move forward with mass production on a commercial basis.
Pakistan Science Foundation Chairman Dr Manzoor Hussain Soomro, said, "This is an extraordinary breakthrough and we should examine it carefully as the system may have national and international importance".

However, he said that thorough testing is needed to validate the invention. Many important inventions through time have been made by non-scientists and the team’s work should not be arbitrarily ruled out, he added.

Moreover, Former Higher Education Commission Head Dr Attaur Rehman rubbished Waqar’s claim that a 1,000CC vehicle will get 40 kilometres per litre of water, and said these statements could only be made in Pakistan. "In countries where scientific research is taken seriously, nobody would pretend to joke about science in this manner".

Dr Attaur Rehman said that the "Self-Proclaimed Inventor" did not have knowledge about basic processes like electrolysis.

"This is the first mistake he is making and he does not even know that you can’t even get electrolysis on distilled water," he said, "For this purpose you have to have an electrolyte [a solution that conducts electricity] which can be decomposed by electrolysis".

He explained that a powerful energy source, which could only be a battery in this case, is required to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine them through combustion to release energy. But firstly, the energy which is required to separate hydrogen and oxygen will always be greater in amount than the energy released and secondly, the external energy source will eventually die out to fail the process since the efficiency of electrolysis in hardly twenty percent (20%) to thirty percent (30%).

He added that if this were not the case than this man has invented a "Perpetual Motion Machine" which again, according to a scientific consensus, is impossible. "What this man is proposing is scientifically impossible; he is defying the first law of thermodynamics," he added.

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