Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PTI Tax Defaulter - Really?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf found guilty of Tax Default, and the Excise Authorities have sealed the Main Secretariat of PTI located at Jail Road Lahore, over non-payment of Property Tax of more than one-third of a million.

According to Excise Department, the step was taken due to non-payment of Rs 350,000 Tax amount despite multiple reminders issued to the Party Office. Therefore, the authorities resorted to seal the Main Secretariat of PTI at Jail Road.

Off course, PTI labeled it as Political Victimization by Punjab Government. However, this event will shutup many a mouth.

اوروں کو نصیحت    خود میاں فصیحت

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Update 22nd November: The PTI Office has been unsealed after directives issued by the Chief Minister Secretariat of Punjab.

PTI Official has apologized and said the tax was paid regularly in the past years and that there had previously been no delay. PTI Officials along with Excise Department will together determine the cause of the discrepancy.

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