Thursday, November 3, 2011

Justice Cooke does, what Justice Qayyum didn't

Judge of Southwark Crown Court London, Justice Cooke sends Pakistani Crickets to jail for Spot Fixing. Salman Butt, the Former Pakistan Captain, has been sentenced two years and six months in jail; Muhammad Asif has got a one-year jail sentence and Muhammad Amir six months. Mazhar Majeed, the players' agent, has been sentenced to two years and eight months.

The sentences were handed down in Southwark Crown Court today, bringing the curtains down on one of sport's most sordid and shameful scandals. The sentences are open to appeal and can be reduced to half the term for good behavior.

Remember, too, that cricket has been here before, in the mid-Nineties, when the murky world of Hansie Cronje and others was exposed but did not lead to criminal charges, a failure that must have contributed to the ongoing problems which culminated in events in Southwark.

Mistakes made earlier, notably by the star-struck Pakistani Judge, Justice Qayyum, who let off his heroes, must not be repeated now and the players involved in Spot Fixing and Match Fixing must be tried in Pakistan.

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