Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NATO Attacked to rescue Zardari from Memogate Scandal

Faced with a massive political scandal surrounding his reported involvement in the "Memogate Scandal", Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari was rescued from a likely welcome source, the NATO.

The NATO Aerial Attack on Pakistan's Salala Post, can easily be termed as cowardly act and violation of the Article 24 of United Nation Charter. It is not an accidental attack but seems to be deliberate one.

The post attacked was not an obscure post. It was on top of a hill where the flag of Pakistan was flying visibly. If someone says it was a mistake, he is suggesting the NATO Technology is so poor that they could not see it, while when they attack with Drones they can even see cars’ number plates.

The twenty-four (24) Pakistan Army men, including a Major and Captain, were martyred which happens in a full-flagged war. It happened because all the twenty-four (24) soldiers were together sitting in a small post on a top of a hill, not crossing the border to Afghanistan.

Now, Pakistan has right of proportional reprisal against a non-military target as well as right of retroaction.

Moreover, if we examine, the major reason comes to mind, for this crazy attack, is only to divert the minds and thoughts of Pakistanis and its Media from Memogate Scandal, which US seems to have been successful as nothing has come in media ever since.

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