Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pakistani Secret Agency starve Citizen to death

A Pakistani Secret Agency under the control of Pakistan Army has Starved a Pakistani Citizen to death, after kidnapping him along with eleven (11) other Prisoners from Adiala Jail Rawalpindi couple of years ago. Before their abduction, all the abducted persons were released from their cases by Court.

Abdul Sabour, one of eleven (11) Prisoners abducted by Intelligence Agencies from Adiala Jail in November 2010 was found dead near Haji Camp Peshawar. His Funeral was held in Kohat. However, he looked like a mere collection of bones.

Three other Prisoners abducted by Intelligence Agencies in the same batch met the same fate and their bodies were too found in Peshawar last month.

Update 25th January: The Supreme Court has issued notices to the Chiefs of Inter-Services Intelligence and Military Intelligence agencies to explain the circumstances leading to the deaths of four men at the hands of these agencies.

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