Tuesday, January 17, 2012

English Media cries as Ajmal destroys

English Media has come for the rescue of their team by criticizing the action of Pakistani Off-Spinner Saeed Ajmal, as the wily spinner bamboozled English Batting for a meager 192 Runs on the opening day of the First Cricket Test at Dubai Stadium.

Saeed Ajmal, whose claims of a Mystery Delivery surrounded the lead-up to the Test Series, destroyed England’s top-order with career best figures of 7-55. However, the English Media failed to digest their weakness and started criticizing Saeed Ajmal's bowling action.

Replying to the criticism, Saeed Ajmal said that allegations have been put on his action in the past but ICC has cleared his bowling action.

He further said "Does it trouble me that someone in England questions my action? It's no problem. Such questions were raised against Saqlain Mushtaq as well and he played county cricket for years with no problem about his action."

Ajmal was cleared by the International Cricket Council in May 2009 but his action drew stinging criticism from the English.

Ajmal maintained "I'm concentrating on my bowling and it's the Umpires' and Referees' responsibility to judge my action."

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