Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Supreme Court's Suo Moto Action against "Unknown Disease" in Punjab

In a Suo Moto Notice against Unknown Disease in Punjab, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has sought Complete Report from the Federal Investigation Agency and Chief Minister Punjab's Inspection Team.

The Supreme Court also instructed the Lahore High Court's Commission to continue the probe against the Unknown Disease and Spurious Drugs.

Earlier, the Supreme Court took Suo Moto Notice of the deaths of more than ninety (90) Heart Patients under treatment at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, either from Spurious Drugs or due to Wrong Prescription of Blood Thinning and Lipid Lowering Medicines.

Its an Unknown Disease that is said to get deposited in the Bone Marrow and ultimately ends the body’s resistance. The generation of White Blood Cells stops in the body and a severe Chest Infection also takes place.

Update 1st February: A London based Laboratory has determined that Isotab, a medicine manufactured by Efroze Chemical Industries, caused the "Unknown Disease".

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif revealed that Isotab tablets, which are meant for Heart Patients, had been contaminated with an Anti-Malarial Chemical, which resulted in fatalities to patients who used it daily.

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