Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cold is cold, whether it is in summer or winter : Aslam Raisani

Chief Minister Baluchistan Nawab Aslam Raisani has said that "Cold is cold, whether it is in summer or winter" (Urdu: سردی سردی ہوتی ہے، چاہے ونٹر ہو یا گرمی ہو) (Roman Urdu: Sardi sardi hoti hay, chahay winter ho ya garmi ho). He was answering a query by a journalist about Gawadar being declared the provincial winter capital.


Similarly, on a previous occasion he has presented the theory that "Degree is a degree, whether it is original or fake" (Urdu: ڈگری ڈگری ہوتی ہے، چاہے اصلی ہو یا نقلی ہو) (Roman Urdu: Degree degree hoti hay, chahay asli ho ya naqli ho).

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