Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jahangir Tareen Group is "Clean Tareen" : Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has inducted the Jahangir Tareen Group in his bandwagon declaring them as "Clean Tareen" (Cleanest). Imran said, in a country neck-deep in corruption finding Angels (i.e Non-Corrupt Humans) to join his party is next to impossible.

Imran Khan further said Positions in the Party would be given on the basis of "Merit", i.e. without Party Elections.

Some of the prominent members of Jahangir Tareen Group include Former Minister Jehangir Khan Tareen, both sons of Former President Farooq Khan Leghari (Former Minister Awais Leghari and Former Nazim Dera Ghazi Khan Jamal Leghari), Former Minister Sikander Bosan and Former Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

The Leader of the Clean Tareen Group is Jahangir Khan Tareen, who is a Business Tycoon and own dozen of Businesses, although his father was a mere Police Chief. He said the we have joined the PTI for the prosperity of Pakistan (However, he forgot to mention about the property of his Dwelling).

PTI Punjab President Ahsan Rashid said that these seasoned politicians, with experience of many Revolutions of the Past will strengthen the party, and will be very helpful in bringing (Yet Another) Revolution.

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