Friday, December 16, 2011

US comes to Haqqani's rescue; to keep Operation Geronimo credible

United States has come to rescue Former Pakistan Ambassador to United States Hussain Haqqani in the Memogate Scandal. And they are not doing it for the Love of Haqqani or Zardari, but for the sake of Operation Geronimo's credibility. As Former US National Security Adviser, General James Jones said that Mansoor Ejaz never used the name of Husain Haqqani during their conversation.

General James Jones admitted that he had known Mansoor Ejaz since 2006 and was contacted by him in May.

It is pertinent to mention here that Mansoor Ejaz claims he first met Husain Haqqani on 9th May about the Memo issue. 

Jones said he was informed by Mansoor Ejaz that he had a message from the Top Leadership of Pakistan and that he wanted to send it to Admiral Mike Mullen.

Jones claims that in his opinion Haqqani had no knowledge about the Memo

On 9th May, Jones said that he received an email from Ejaz and added that he thought the Memo was written by Ejaz himself. 

According to Jones, the type of language used in the Memo was similar to how Ejaz would speak.

Clearly it is obvious that the United States is trying to discredit Mansoor Ejaz, so that his statement related to prior information of Operation Geronimo to Pakistani Leadership also becomes doubtful.

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