Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pseudo Anna Hazare joins Muslim League

Pseudo Anna Hazare and Human Rights Activist, Jahangir Akhtar has joined Muslim Leage - Nawaz. And believes that only a Mature Politician like Nawaz Sharif can take the country out of the crisis.

Pseudo Anna, a Former Army Gunner has spent the better part of his life Campaigning for Progressive Causes such as Democracy and Human Rights in Pakistan. For his trouble, he was sent to jail for a year along with ten (10) Lashes during General Ziaul Haq's Dictatorship.

Pseudo Anna, listed the reasons why he joined the Muslim League, such as League's efforts for Education for poor people like Danish Schools and Support for the Lawyers' Movement.

About his Anti-Corruption Strive, Pseudo Anna said that the Muslim League has promised him that if the Parliamentarians fail to pass the Accountability Bill (Pakistani version of Lokpal Bill), the party will Unilaterally submit it to the house.

Pseudo Anna also announced that if the (Lokpal) Bill was not proposed within few days, he will start his Hunger Strike again.

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