Friday, May 6, 2011

US Pilot says, a wall is a good place to land a helicopter

The US Pilot who was flying the Apache helicopter, that crash landed on the wall of Bin Laden's compound in Abbotabad says, " During training my instructor always told me that the Wall of China is a good place to land a helicopter, as it somewhat resembles an air strip. I did a lot of simulator sessions with him, for successfully landing a chopper on the Wall of China, and it took a lot of practice to master chopper landing on such a thin wall. But I must say that, the simulator never crashed...".

He further said that "When Vice Admiral William McRaven, told me to do preparation for Operation Geronimo, I thought we will be doing operation somewhere in China. So, I asked Admiral McRaven, that is our destination in China? McRaven said, what do you think stupid??? So, when we reached at our target site, I thought we have reached the Wall of China, and tried to land my chopper there. But unfortunately, my chopper crashed... and Team Beta had to come for our rescue..." 

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