Saturday, May 21, 2011

Master of disaster - Ijaz Butt

In his golden tenure as Chairman PCB, Ijaz Butt has created lots of World-Class Players... and as many Captains... and as many Coaches... and as many Chief Selectors...

Chairman PCB, Ijaz Butt has been in charge for just under three years and he has made the ninth change in captaincy in his time, in Tests and ODIs. Nine: it takes some countries decades to go through that kind of change. Add to it three coaches and five selection chiefs. Does it need to be written out what kind of effect this instability has on the performances of a team? How do you build anything if the materials keep changing? And can we expect Afridi, whether he says it publicly or not, to take this without any issues? No wonder Afridi decided to retire from international cricket...

Long ago the number of changes began to say nothing of the men who came and went and everything of the man who made the changes: that is, he is clueless. How much longer before he decides to kick out Misbah? Or Mohsin Khan? Or Waqar Younis? Only time will tell???

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