Saturday, May 28, 2011

Israeli PM ordered US Congressmen to do sit-ups

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived Washington angrily and ordered US congressmen to do sit-ups as a punishment.

Earlier, PM Netanyahu dishonored US President during a joint press conference, when he blatantly rejected Obama's proposal of re-instatement of 1967 border.

Later on Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed US Congress furiously, and kept ordering the US congressmen to do sit-ups as a symbol of punishment to the American Nation. The congressmen obeyed Netanyahu twenty times because they fear Israeli controlled jewish lobby.

What else they could do? The poor congressmen didn't stood a chance in front of Israeli PM, i.e. the PM of real world power.

Update, 29th May: It has been learnt that US Congressmen Jared Schutz Polis (From Colorado) and John Herbert Adler (From New Jersey) are still present in the House, i.e. for doing sit-ups. Some observers feel that currently both these congressmen have even crossed the physiological barrier of a million sit-ups. That's a record indeed.

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