Monday, May 16, 2011

ANP says "Osama was given refuge by Soba-Hazara Movement"

Senator Zahid Khan of ANP lashed on to the Soba-Hazara Movement (SHM) and said that "Osama Bin Laden was given refuge in Hazara by Leader of Soba-Hazara Movement Baba Haider Zaman". He said that "Every one knows that Baba Haider Zaman has sympathies for Osama Bin Laden. Off course he is involved in harboring terrorism, how come some one stay in Hazara for 8-10 years without even being noticed by the locals?". 

Zahid Khan further said "ANP believes that SHM has links with Al-Qaeda because we have received information that when the US Seals were about to kill Bin Laden he raised the slogan 'ایک ہی نعرہ - صوبہ ہزارہ' (Only one slogan - Hazara province). What else is required to prove Bin Laden's links with SHM. We are followers are Bacha Khan, and we can't tolerate the existence of any non-violent or terror organization in Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwa, and that's why we have killed 8 SHM terrorists last year. We demand from the international community to support us in our fight against terror and declare SHM a terror organization."

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