Sunday, June 19, 2011

MV Suez is sinking, after being released by Somali pirates : Captain Wasi


The Captain of unfortunate MV Suez has appealed to the Chief of Pakistan Navy seeking immediate help in view of their vessel being caught in strong winds feared capsizing since its release with 22-member crew on board by the Somalian pirates and series of misfortunes latest among them the break down of the tug towing MV Suez.

MV Suez Captain Wasi said "The weather is threatening due to monsoon and their immediate retrieval may be arranged. The Captain said that no law was more important than saving human lives, "We are in the open sea for last three days; and the owner of the ship has thus far not sent the fuel, big insurance money might have been the reason for his reluctance." 

Update 20th June: The crew of the unfortunate MV Suez has been shifted to PNS Babur on the orders of Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir. 

According to the press release issued by the Public Relations Directorate of Pakistan Navy the 22 member MV Suez crew has been evacuated and boarded safely on PNS Babar, it includes eleven Egyptians, six Indians, four Pakistanis and one Sri Lankan.

The press release further stated the crew members would be transferred to Pakistan Navy frigate PNS Zulfiquar for onward journey to Pakistan, and most likely they will reach Pakistan on June 23. 

Update 21st June: As a gesture of bad-will, the Indian Home Ministry has imprisoned five Pakistanis who were freed from the captivity of Somali pirates by Indian Navy on March 12. 

Update 23rd June: Pakistan Navy frigate PNS Zulfiqar carrying the crew of the MV Suez anchored at Karachi port. They were greeted by their family members and their rescuers.


Moreover, the non-Pakistani crew members of MV Suez were handed over to their respective consulates.


Update 24th June: The freed Indian Sailors have reached New Delhi, via a Dubai-Delhi flight. They were greeted by anxious parents, wives and children holding posters that said "Thank You, Burney Uncle" and "Thank You, Pakistan Navy". 

However, sailors and their families say the Indian government ignored cries for help.

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