Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pak-Afghan consensus that Rehman Malik is a lier : US Cable

Afghan Minister of Interior Hanif Atmar told US Deputy Ambassador in Kabul that we are in total agreement with the Pakistani people that his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik is an outright lier and he does that for pleasing his masters.

US Deputy Ambassador in Kabul, Francis J. Ricciardone in 8/19/2009 secret cable from Embassy of Kabul wrote details of his meeting with Afghanistan Interior Minister Hanif Atmar.

The cable said: "Atmar said that Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik raised this issue when he visited Afghanistan last month as a special emissary of President Asif Ali Zardari; but, contrary to Malik's claims to the Pakistani media, he had presented neither details nor evidence to support this assertion. Atmar said the move was an indication that Malik is trying to please his masters by showing that he was brave enough to say these things to President Karzai. However, the Afghan government feels that Rehman Malik's reputation in Pakistan,
of being an outright lier is justified".

"He added that he was disappointed by several other factually incorrect comments Malik has made to the media, and that he seemed to be focused on everything but the points of discussion in the upcoming trilateral talks between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the U.S. scheduled for November."

Atmar held a press conference on August 2 to dispute several of Malik's allegations. He also challenged Malik's comments that Afghanistan initially was opposed to the installation of biometrics collection stations at border crossing points. Afghanistan has never been against it, and Afghanistan is against selectivity, Atmar told the media.

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