Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Legality of Ajmal's Action

Pakistani Offspinner Saeed Ajmal has sparked confusion over the Legitimacy of his Bowling Action due to a combination of language difficulties and scientific misunderstanding.

Saeed Ajmal, the Chief Destroyer in the famous 3-0 Whitewash upon England in the Test Series in the United Arab Emirates, sparked confusion in the aftermath of the Third Test by appearing to suggest that the ICC had given him special dispensation to straighten his arm beyond the fifteen (15) Degree Tolerance Range.

However, Saeed Ajmal's Action is well within the ICC Range of Tolerance. While he does bowl with a bend in his arm, it does not straighten more, on average, than about eight degrees.

The figure of 23.5 Degrees mentioned by Ajmal is the average angle of his arm at the beginning of delivery.

The ICC put Ajmal, along with other bowlers, under constant scrutiny and evidence suggests that there has been no significant deterioration in Ajmal's action since he was tested in 2009.

Contrary to widespread belief, Ajmal's Off-Break and Quicker Ball actually cause his arm to straighten more - though only a fraction more - than his much-debated Doosra.

Moreover, the accident to which Ajmal referred took place on a bus while he was on Pakistan Duty. The ICC suspect, however, that the unusually high elbow abduction - the angle at which the forearm leads from the elbow - has been with him from birth.

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