Monday, October 17, 2011

Railways eat 30 Locomotives per year : Bilour

Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour said that Railways requires thirty (30) locomotives per year in its diet, i.e. to keep its kitchen running. And if the Government Bailout Package is not be released soon, then the number of locomotives would not have decreased to the current level.
"If the money was released and digested at proper time, then the crisis would not have escalated to this level" Ghulam Ahmad Bilour said.

Bilour added that Railways
required thirty (30) locomotives on yearly basis in its diet, i.e. to keep the (Minister's and the Railways Top Brass's) kitchen running.

Bilour’s statements come as employees of Pakistan Railways are protesting against the non-payment of their salaries and less opportunity of blacking-tickets and diesel-stealing due to less number of trains.

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