Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brave Pakistani bestowed with Highest Saudi Civil Award

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has bestowed the Highest Saudi Civil Award on Brave Pakistani, Farman Ali Khan, who had laid his life to save fourteen (14) others from drowning during torrential rain flooding in Jeddah couple of years ago.

Saudi government has, posthumously, not only bestowed the Highest Saudi Civil Award on Farmaan Ali but also named a highway
, Shahrah-e-Farman Ali Khan, after him.

This valourous countryman who has now come under a heroic spotlight forever is a martyr as he during those drastic floods gave life to as many as 14 of his fellow countryman but lost his own in the end.

Farman, thirty two (32), belonged to Swat and left a widow and three daughters. He lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years and returned to Pakistan two times. Farman given the award after thousands of Saudis campaigned for a road to be named in Jeddah after Farman.

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