Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zardari Network taking Pakistan to Stoneage

Zardari Network is taking Pakistan to stoneage, as the Zardari Network Government is bent upon destroying the institutions and continues to plunder of what little there is left to pillage in the unfortunate country.

During Pakistan People Party's previous two stints in the government, the Zardari Network has looted Billion of Dollars from Pakistan - not just from Kickbacks on government contracts  but also by land grabbing and all sort of other tactics.

The country is passing through a critical situation and the Zardari Nework Government is showing complete indifference towards the worsening energy crisis, especially electricity shortage, in the country. The Zardari Nework Government is unconcerned about the plight of patients in hospitals and students in schools. The Dengue Patients are suffering the most due to long unannounced power outages, specially in Lahore and other big cities, and due to unprecedented load-shedding, sophisticated medical equipment for Dengue Patients in hospitals had been damaged. 

But despite prolonged load-shedding, people are being sent inflated electricity bills.

The economic situation of the country has deteriorated, no investment is coming in and unemployment has reached alarming levels.
The energy crisis had severely damaged economy of the country. And the machinery for power plants has been lying at the Karachi port for over two years, but the Zardari Nework Government has taken no steps to install them for overcoming power crisis in the country.

Pakistan faces debilitating challenges, from an uncontrollable Zardari Network to an economy on the fritz to a fractured political system that, for a nation of One Hundred Sixty Five (165) Million, seems incapable of producing one fairly reliable, uncorrupted leader.

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  1. that's fine but see how Pakistan get rid of stone age early please go there