Sunday, July 8, 2012

Special Load Shedding Schedule for Happiness Day

When the whole World will be observing International Happiness Day, the people of Pakistan will face Special Load Shedding.

International Happiness Day will be observed on 10th July across the World including Pakistan, where special Load Shedding measures have been taken to keep Pakistanis Happy. Various other programmes will also be held to Celebrate the Day.

Gallup's Global Barometer on Happiness showed thirty one percent (31%) of Russians were happy below Global Average of forty percent (40%) while Fiji is atop where eighty five percent (85%) of the populace was happy.

The information presented above is offered in Good Faith and is correct to the best of our knowledge. If any factual errors have appeared here inadvertently, then we would be pleased to hear from anyone wishing to offer corrections.

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