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Ghosts haunting IJIiates

A lot of Ghosts resurfaced at the Supreme Court to haunt the IJIiates and their Protagonists. As Former Director General ISI & MI Lieutenant General Asad Durrani and the Central Protagonist in the "Mehrangate Scandal", Former Chief of Mehran Bank Younis Habib, blamed Former Army Chief General Mirza Aslam Beg for the Rigging Saga.

During the proceeding of Former Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s Petition, key players of the Mehrangate Scandal are appearing before the Court – and a sense of urgency has engulfed the Case of the 1990 Election Rigging Saga.

Former Chief of Mehran Bank, Younis Habib revealed that, he arranged for Rs 1.48 billion out of which only Rs 140 million were distributed among Political Parties while the rest were invested in Army Welfare Schemes and transferred to account numbers provided by ISI Officials on the directives of General Aslam Beg.

Moreover, Habib tried to save some of his friends and said he could not recall the details of the distributed money. "I am sick now and my memory is weak," Habib told the Court.

However, while talking to journalists, Habib disclosed that Rs 70 million was distributed through Yousuf Memon Advocate.

Also Former Director General Inter-Services Intelligence Lieutenant General Asad Durrani testified that the money was distributed to politicians on the directives of the Then Army Chief General Beg and Then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan.

"I received instruction from the Army Chief General Aslam Beg that a certain Business Community in Karachi had raised some contribution to support the Election Campaign of the IJI (Islami Jamhoori Ittehad), and if I could arrange for it to be distributed as per the Formulas that would be conveyed to me by the Secretary of President Office's Election Cell Roedad Khan," Durrani said in his statement.

Clarifying his stance, Former Army Chief General Mirza Aslam Beg requested that the Court obtain Transaction Records from Banks used for Disbursing the Funds.

According to the off the record Affidavit by General Asad Durani submitted in the Court and Younis Habib's media statements, the money was distributed as follows.

  • Rs 70 million to Jam Sadiq Ali (Plus 150 million & a Luxury Villa for setting up Mehran Bank)
  • Rs 48.5 million to Javed Hashmi
  • Rs 20 million to Altaf Hussain
  • Rs 15 million to Pir Paghara
  • Rs 10 million to Mir Afzal Khan
  • Rs 5.6 million to Journalists (By Lieutenant General Rafaqat)
  • Rs 5 million to Ghulam Mustaf Jatoi
  • Rs 5 million to Jamaat-e-Islami
  • Rs 4 million to Zafarullah Khan Jamali
  • Rs 3.5 million to Mian Nawaz Sharif
  • Rs 2.5 million to Mian Shabaz Sharif
  • Rs 1.5 million to Ijaz-ul-Haq
  • Rs 1.5 million to Humayun Marri
  • Rs 1 million to Abida Hussain
  • Rs 1 million to Kakar
  • Rs 1 million to Nader Mengal
  • Rs 0.75 million to Jam Muhammad Yousuf
  • Rs 0.5 million to K Baloch
  • Rs 0.5 million to Hasil Bizenjo
  • Rs 0.3 million to Maulana Salahuddin
  • Rs 0.25 million to Muhammad Khan Junejo

The Petitioner, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, suggested the Court commence Treason Proceedings against General Beg and his accomplices for subverting the Constitution. As Government Officials, all respondents violated their respective Oaths while rigging the 1990 General Election.

The Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, however, said that "At this stage, all are Innocent before us because there were contradictions in the stances of the respondents".

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Update 10th March: The Central Protagonist in the "Mehrangate Scandal", Former Chief of Mehran Bank Younis Habib has revealed that "In order to make up for mistakes committed in 1990, I extended support in 1993 to Pakistan Peoples Party and it came to power again that year".

Referring to Jammat-e-Islami's Pakistan Islamic Front against Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), Younis further said "In 1993 I used money and weakened Nawaz Sharif's Vote Position by pitting Maulvis against him".

Habib also disclosed that Aftab Sherpao was given a bigger amount because he was the main figure of Pakistan Peoples Party in NWFP (Now KP).

Update 11th March: Former Bureaucrat Roedad Khan has dismissed all the allegations level against him by Former Army Chief General Mira Aslam Beg, Former DG ISI Lieutenant General Asad Durani and Former Head of Mehran Bank Yonis Habib, regarding the Election Rigging Saga.

Roedad Khan has also revealed that he was introduced to Younis Habib by none other than Makhdoom Javed Hashmi.

Update 13th March: Mohajir Qaumi Movement Chief Afaq Ahmed has revealed that he himself "Witnessed"  Younis Habib, The Central Protagonist in the "Mehrangate Scandal", giving Dozens of Millions of Rupees to Then-Mohajir Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain (Now Head of Mutahida Qaumi Movement).

Afaq also said that he was given his due share of Rs 5 million by Altaf Hussain afterwards.

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