Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bookmakers used Actress to Fix World Cup Semi Final 2011

According to Sunday Times, Indian Bookmakers fixed World Cup Semi Final 2011 between Pakistan and India.

The Sunday Times Investigations revealed that the Matches in the World Cup 2011 were fixed, especially the  Tied Match between England and India (Even Shane Warne Tweeted the result before the Match) and Word Cup Semi Final 2011 between Pakistan and India. But offered no evidence to substantiate rumours that first surfaced on internet websites even as the match was taking place. 

However, it was revealed that to "Lure Cricketers" from different countries including England and Pakistan, the Fixers used a Bollywood Actress "Nupur Mehta". Players holding discussions with unidentified businessmen are now immediately under suspicion, but Beautiful Girls have tracked Cricketers on tour since the Game Began and the tactic could prove harder for the ICC to Monitor and Control.

The Bookmakers are Fixing County Games played in England along with other international matches. They offer thousands of pounds – £44,000 to Batsmen to bat sluggishly, £50,000 to Bowlers to give up runs and £750,000 for a player or official for an Assured Match Result.

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