Friday, March 23, 2012

West Pakistan prevails on Sher-e-Bengal Day

West Pakistan prevailed over gutsy East Pakistan to become Asian Cricket Champion on Sher-e-Bengal Day (Lahore Resolution Day) at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium Mirpur.

After a nail-biting performance from both sides, Pakistan (Formerly West Pakistan) managed to bowl out the panicked Bangladesh (Formerly East Pakistan) in the final overs of the game.

However, when their gut-wrenching disappointment dies down, Bangladesh will remember that they were just one stroke away from becoming Asian Cricket Champion. And see it as clinching evidence of their progress. When their sense of relief passes, Pakistan will remember that they were tested to the hilt, but came through somehow. And see it as confirmation of their renowned ability to win the big moments.

But for a moment, Bangladesh will be gutted; that they had again lost a Tournament Final, this time by a margin of two runs and previously by two wickets to Sri Lanka in 2009.

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