Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MQM supporting England Riots : Britain Police

Commander Simon Foy of London Metropolitan Police says MQM members are taking to the streets of British cities in an attempt to provide tactical guidance to the rioters who have spread across the country for four nights.

Commander Foy, told The Associated Press that up to 1,000 MQM members planned to turn out in Middlesex, where the group is based, and others areas that have suffered unrest, including the northwestern city of Manchester with a sizable Asian population.

Foy said some MQM members have already joined the rioters, and that hundreds more would join them soon. "They're going to fuel the riots — police obviously can't handle it," Commander Foy told the AP.

The Pakistan based MQM is cited as an inspiration to the rioters due to its vast experience in murder and devastation in Karachi.

Meanwhile, London began nearly tripling the number of police on its streets to try to end Britain's worst rioting in a generation — three nights of looting and burning by poor, diverse and brazen crowds of young people. Meanwhile, however, the chaos spread to at least a couple more major city.

Scenes of ransacked stores, torched cars and blackened buildings frightened and outraged Britons just a year before London is to host the Olympics. London's Metropolitan Police force said it would flood the streets with 16,000 officers over the next 24 hours, but acknowledged they could not guarantee an end to the violence. "We have lots of information to suggest that there may be similar disturbances tonight," Commander Simon Foy told the BBC. "That's exactly the reason why the Met (Police Force) has chosen to now actually really 'up the game' and put a significant number of officers on the streets."

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