Sunday, October 14, 2012

Imran proves Waziristan as most dangerous

Amid fear of life, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan's decision to call-off his party’s Peace Rally halfway before reaching Waziristan for protesting against US Drone Strikes has proved that Waziristan is the most dangerous area in the World, and is actually a Safe Heaven of Militants where only Drones can be used as a successful tool to target the miscreants.

Imran Khan said that turning back from the Waziristan border was not a failure as he himself did not want the participants to be in the area at night.

PTI has been boasting that holding a rally to South Waziristan to Campaign against Drone Strikes was an independent decision of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. But its return halfway without entering the troubled region on the dictates of the Military, responsible for law and order there, was sufficient to doubt the party’s independence in decision making.

The PTI overran all blockades erected by the Civil Government on its way to Tank, where it ultimately gathered after being sent back by the Military establishment in the region. It said the rally was meant to spread the message of peace not to confront the law enforcement agencies.

The PTI’s double standards speak volume of its not paying heed to the Civil Administration asking it not to hold the rally in the Militant Heaven first place and then go beyond Dera Ismail Khan, but it acted only on the advice of the Military Administration to return so as to save participants from any Terrorist Attack.

The rally may be a success by the PTI’s standards in terms of attracting thousands of party workers along with national and international media broadcasting and reporting each and every movement. However, its return halfway re-established the fact that Pakistan has no control over the area, which is actually a bastion of Militants and where Drones are being used as a successful tool to target the outlaws who had taken refuge there after being pushed out of Afghanistan by the International Forces.

The argument that at least some political force in the country dared to question the Drone Attacks emphatically seems hilarious when it returned without meeting the victims or listening to their agony for being the inhabitants of an area in turmoil.

One wonders about the very rationale behind this Peace March. If it is being done to register protest against Drone Strikes, then one must bear in mind that in the last seven years, there were a total of 223 attacks in North Waziristan, while South Waziristan was targeted 76 times. Thus, the main target of drones is North Waziristan. Even this year, North Waziristan was targeted thirty two (32) times as opposed to South Waziristan, which experienced four (4) such attacks. If the idea is to reach the most affected area, then that is North Waziristan. And if the idea is to protest effectively against Drone attacks, then why risk the lives of a party leader and his supporters, while making things even more difficult for the already-overburdened security forces in the area.

The campaign turned out to be an attempt to befool the people of Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in general and two Waziristans in particular, when it deliberately spared the Military Establishment and the Militants the whole saga that has culminated to the point of the use of Drones – said to be the most advanced tool in modern warfare across the globe.

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