Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gilani announces "Love it or Leave it - Citizenship Policy"

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has announced "Love it or Leave it - Citizenship Policy", and categorically told his peasants to leave the country, i.e. if they don't like it.

The Prime Minister was questioned about a Gallop Poll which said only twenty per cent (20%) supported him while one third of Pakistanis wanted to leave the country because it was a Dysfunctional Society. To everyones amazement, Gilani responded "Why donít they leave, who is stopping them".

Prime Minister Gilani faces myriad national woes, a faltering economy, widespread poverty and corruption and now, his own future. About conviction from the Supreme Court, Gilani said that only Parliament had the right to force him from Office.

"If I'm disqualified, notified by the Speaker, then yes I have to," he said. Gilani defended himself by saying "Whatever I have done is according to the Constitution, it is not on any Moral Turpitude (Alike Imran Khan) or Financial Corruption (Alike President Zardari)".

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