Monday, August 17, 2015

Who rigged Election 2013?

The Haripur by-election result has clearly shown that it was in fact Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf who rigged Election 2013, as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz votes increased, while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf votes decreased dramatically.

In what was the first ever experiment of biometric voter verification system in Pakistan, PMLN candidate Babar Nawaz has emerged as the clear winner in the by-election held for the NA-19 constituency, securing a whopping 137,219 votes followed by PTI’s Dr Raja Amir Zaman who ended up with 90,698 ballots to his name.

It is important to note that PTI's Dr Raja Amir Zaman votes decreased from 116579 (in 2013) to 90,698 (in 2015), while PMLN's candidate's votes increased from 114374 (in 2013) to a mammoth 137,219 (in 2015).

PTI's Dr Raja Amir Zaman was declared the winner in 2013, however, Election Tribunal order re-election in 7 polling stations after runner up candidate from PMLN, Omar Ayub Khan, challenged the result. Omar Ayub Khan took the seat in re-polling in 7 polling station.

Later, Supreme Court ordered re-polling in whole constituency, after Raja Amir Zaman challenged the Election Tribunal verdict.

The by-poll result, especailly the large decrease in Zaman's votes, however, has only proved that PTI's Raja Amir Zaman massively rigged the elections in 2013.

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