Sunday, September 2, 2012

Unfortunate Nation lead by Kazib Imams

Pakistan is such an unfortunate nation that even its Clerics & Prayer Leaders commit Blasphemy of the Holy Quran, i.e. just for fabricating evidence against an accused. As a Cleric, Khalid Judoon Chishti accused by a witness, another fellow Cleric, of adding pages from the Quran to ashes seized from fourteen (14) year old Rimsha Masih to implicate her.

قوم کیا ہے قوم کی امامت کیا ہے
اس کو کیا سمجھیں یہ فقط دو رکعت کے امام

Hafiz Muhammad Zubair, who witnessed Khalid Jadoon adding pages of the Quran, recorded a statement with the Rawalpindi Magistrate.

According to Hafiz Zubair’s account, he was sitting in Iteqaaf in the Mosque when some people handed burnt pages to the Prayer Leader. After a little while, Khalid Jadoon added additional pages of the Quran to the pile.

Hafiz Zubair, in his statement added that three other people present with him in the Mosque asked Khalid Jadoon why he was adding documents to the pile of burnt paper, to which prayer leader said that such an act was necessary to strengthen their case.

Police have arrested Khalid Jadoon on charges of fabricating evidence, which he had used to accuse Rimsha Masih of committing Blasphemy by allegedly burning Quranic pages.

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